Luke Holmes

Luke Holmes


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 D
Room D 451
Postal address Institutionen för svenska och flerspråkighet 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I have been employed as a PhD student at the Centrum för Tvåsprakighetsforskning at Stockholm University since October 2017. My main research interests are sociolinguistic and ethnographic in nature. I am conducting ethnographic research that brings into view the ways in which, in increasingly diverse and trans-local academic contexts, certain national and international ideologies, as identified in various linguistic, social and institutional practices and processes, render certain sociolinguistic phenomena (persons, practices and processes) invisible.

The working title of my project is: ‘Higher Education Futures? Social and linguistic practices in a context of increasing diversity’.


PhD Supervisors: 

  • (Lead) Caroline Kerfoot (Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University) 
  • Linus Salö (KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University) 


Previous Education:

  • MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham, UK.  09/2014 - 09/2015.

         Dissertation title: Silence and student talk in the diverse HE postgraduate classroom

  • MA in Aesthetics at the University of Sussex, UK. 09/2005 – 09/2007.

         Dissertation title: A critical re-examination of Plato’s theory of mimesis

  • BA in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.  09/2002 – 07/2005.

         Dissertation title: The value of education: A philosophical exploration.



  • I lectured, led seminars and convened on an introductory Applied Linguistics course at the department of English Language and Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham, 09/2016 – 05/2017.

  • I gained a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) in 2010 and have around 6 years of English language teaching experience. I have taught English (ESOL, EAP, and Adult Literacy) to students of all ages (mainly to young adults) and at all levels, from beginner to advanced, in Spain, China and the UK.


Conference Experience

  • I presented, shared and discussed data at the Linguistic Ethnography Network Meeting, at Stockholm University. November 2018. The title of the presentation was: Inside Ruby's 'private' world: Methodology, Ethics and Researcher Reflexivity. 

  • I presented a paper, together with my co-supervisor, Linus Salö, at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 22 in New Zealand, June 2018. The title of the paper was ‘Globalising academia as border-crossing space: Exploring sociolinguistic diversity beyond the English/Swedish Binary’.


  • I presented two papers based on my MA Applied Linguistics dissertation, 'Silence and student talk in the diverse HE classroom', at two events:  

  1. The Birmingham English Language Postgraduate (BELP) conference at the University of Birmingham, April 2016

  2. The linguistic landscape in higher education in English-dominant and EMI settings: Future directions seminar as part of the seminar series on the Multilingual University at University College London, July 2016.


  • I also contributed as a participant at the following conferences/symposiums/seminars:

  1. The Role of English at a multilingual university symposium, Stockholm University, January 2019. 

  2. Communication in the Multilingual City (TLANG) conference at the University of Birmingham, March 2018. 

  3. Internationalisation of the Postgraduate: Interrogating Identities? conference at Canterbury Christ Church University. January 2018.

  4. Stockholm University and University of Helsinki Collaboration seminar at Stockholm University, January 2018. 


Doctoral courses completed

  • Studying Institutional and Professional Communication at Stockholm University, September - November 2018. Led by Mona Blåsjö (course director), Tim McNamara, Catrin Norrby, Gunilla Almström Persson, Srikant Sarangi and Cecilia Wadensjö. 

  • Linguistic Ethnography at Stockholm University, May – June 2018. Led by Karin Aronsson, Angela Creese, Kamilla György, Christina Hedman, Carla Jonsson, Rickard Jonsson, Caroline Kerfoot and Jenny Rosén.

  • Dynamics of Multilingualism: Diasporas at Stockholm University, January – May 2018. Led by Caroline Kerfoot and Maria Kuteeva.

  • Education from a Bilingual Perspective at Stockholm University. October – December 2017. Led by Christopher Stroud.

  • Dynamics of Multilingualism: Dislocations at Stockholm University, September – December 2017. Led by Caroline Kerfoot and Maria Kuteeva.

  • Key Concepts and Methods in Ethnography, Language & Communication at King's College London, September 2017. Led by Jeff Bezemer, Jan Blommaert, Adam Lefstein, Ben Rampton and Julia Snell.

Last updated: May 27, 2019

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