Iida Kauhanen. Photo: Leila Zoubir/Stockholm University

Iida Maria Kauhanen

Visiting PhD student

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Sociology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 9
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a visiting PhD student from University of Oulu, Finland. I have a master’s degree in education and was working as a preparatory class teacher for immigrant children prior to starting my PhD studies in the University of Oulu in the Faculty of Education in 2017. In the University of Oulu I am working in the Values, Ideologies and Social contexts of Education (VISE) department.

My research concentrates on the lives of unaccompanied asylum seeking youth throughout and after the asylum-seeking process, with a special focus on normative structures and ideologies that shape the every-day life situations. The aim of the study is to enhance social justice and awareness of asylum seeking as a phenomenon by amplifying the voices of asylum seeking youth and creating dialogue within the society. The main theoretical framework in my research is recognition theory. The understanding of the recognition theory in my research is mainly guided by the works of Charles Taylor, Axel Honneth and Nancy Fraser. The empirical material for the research has been produced with 14 young people, who once arrived Northern Finland as under aged unaccompanied asylum seeking youth.

I am especially interested in the methodological and philosophical discussions of how to conduct academic research.

Last updated: January 10, 2019

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