Jane Brodin

Jane Brodin

Professor emerita

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Works at Department of Child and Youth Studies
Visiting address Frescati Hagväg 24
Postal address Barn- och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

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Professor emerita

Section for Child and Youth Studies



Play, communication, preschool/school, inclusion, disabilities, child perspective, information- and communication technology (ICT), outdoor education


Jane Brodin started her Ph.D. studies in 1985 and defended her dissertation in Education at Stockholm University in 1991. She attained the docent grade (associate professor) in Education in 1996. Her Ph.D. was in education, psychology and ethics and the topic of her dissertation concerned children with profound and multiple disabilities with focus on play, communication and development. The study was qualitative and involved observations of children’s play and communication, along with interviews with their parents and the staff working at the preschools and schools involved.

From 1993 to 1996 Jane Brodin hold a position as university lecturer in Special Education at Jönköping University, where she was involved both in research and education. Among other things she developed a bachelor program in disability. She also conducted an international worldwide study on toy libraries for children with and without disabilities, based on quantitative data.  In 1995 she returned to Stockholm University and during 1996/1997 she worked as Professor in special education.  From 1999 to 2002 she held a full professorship in Special Education at Stockholm University (former Stockholm Institute of Education). She was involved in courses for Ph.D. students, conducted research in children in need of special support and was the leader of the disability and handicap research group (FUNKA). In 2001 Jane Brodin widened her research field in order to include all children, not only children in need of special support. Jane Brodin applied for and obtained the first full professorship in Child and Youth Studies in Sweden. She was also one of the founders of the department of child and youth studies (BUV) and together with her colleagues in the research group she managed to establish Child and Youth Studies as an independent subject for Ph.D. exams by the faculty of social science at Stockholm University in September 2004.

In 2010-2015 Jane Brodin was employed as professor in Education directed towards preschool (Early Childhood Education and Care) at Jönköping University. She was responsible for developing the research on early  childhood education and conducted a project “Systematic quality work in preschool” focusing on improvements and factors influencing child development in preschool”.

Jane Brodin has been adviser for a number of master- and licentiate studies up to examination and ten Ph.D. students in three areas: special education, education and child and youth studies.

Jane Brodin has been engaged as a reviewer for a large number of international scientific journals, and been engaged as an expert by the European Commission Scientific Committee for assessment of research applications and evaluating finished research projects during seven years (1997-2002) mainly within three programs: TIDE/Telematics, ICT and Life Sciences. She has also been engaged by the Swedish and Norwegian research councils/financers and organizations for assessments of applications for research financing and for promotion of professors for a number of Swedish universities. She has also had the mission of being an opponent on many disputations at a variety of universities in Sweden, as well as being engaged as a member of several boards of examining committees.

Jane Brodin has an extended international network, great experience of international project work and lecturing abroad from many countries. Her publication mainly takes place in international scientific journals, and she has about 300 publications.

In her Ph.D. thesis she focused on play and communication for children with profound intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities, the everyday life of the families and their needs for family support. Within the framework of the EU-projects she has participated in, she has focused on inclusion in preschool and school, play and communication, outdoor play, information and communication technology (ICT). Other central themes in research have been children’s own perspectives on their living situations. Inclusion of all children and equal opportunities have been a leading star for her.  

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