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Juan Carlos Cruz Suárez

Universitetslektor i spanska

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Works at Department of Romance Studies and Classics
Telephone 08-16 31 72
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 5
Room B 5165
Postal address Romanska och klassiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Hoc enim uno præstamus vel maxime feris,
quod colloquimur inter nos.
[M. Tullii Ciceronis – De Oratore, Liber Primus VIII].


Research Areas

  • Spanish Golden Age literature, thought and culture.
  • Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassic poetics.
  • Hispanic contemporary cultural and collective memory.
  • Digital culture and society in the Hispanic context.

Juan Carlos Cruz Suárez (JCCS) holds a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Hispanic Philology through the University of Salamanca (Spain).  He is the author of the monographic book, Ojos con mucha noche. Ingenio, poesía y pensamiento en el Barroco español (Peter Lang, 2014). Within this research field, he has published several articles to depict the main characteristics of thought, culture and literature of the Spanish Golden Age.

In addition, JCCS received a postdoctoral fellowship focusing on the project The Novelized Memory (2011-2014, Aarhus University) which investigates contemporary Spanish novels (mainly 21st century) about cultural and collective memory and their relation to traditional Spanish works (that is, novels from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries). The core of these investigations has been the formal analyses of these novels, also attending to their function as social discourse.  Through this study, JCCS was afforded the opportunity to expand to other cultural settings (especially that of Chile and Argentina) in novels that were written on the same subject. Furthermore, he has been able to investigate the relationship of such novels with those authors who write remote works on this issue.


Teaching Experience

(2008-2011): Udenlandslektor (Visiting Assistant Professor) Aarhus Univesitet Spanish language professor in the levels of oral and written expression at the undergraduate (bachelor) level.  Through the use of various methods and following the Common European Framework for teaching foreign languages, the classes were developed to appeal to student participation and involvement
(2011 – 2013): Post-doc, Aarhus University
(2013 – 2015): Videnskabelig assistent (scientific assistant) at the University of Aarhus.
(2015-2016): Associate professor at the University of Aarhus

With over nine years of teaching experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, JCCS has had the opportunity to teach a wide spectrum of topics within the field of Hispanic studies.  In this way, the range of courses and subjects that he has taught include Spanish literature before 1800 (that is, Golden Age, including the study of the first works written about America); Spanish literature from the 19th -21st centuries, Literature, Poetry, and other Artistic representations in the 21st century digital sphere; Literature and cultural memory in the Hispanic world; and Latin-American literature and culture.


Editorial Work

[2017]: Editorial Board member: Academic Review. “Diálogos Latinoamericanos,” Latin American Center, University Aarhus (LACUA). 
(ISSN: 1600-0110):

[2012-2016]:  Co-director and Editor in Chief of  Diálogos Latinoamericanos.  Latin American Center.  University of Aarhus (LACUA).
(ISSN: 1600-0110):

[2016 -Current]: Editorial Board member: Academic Review, “Antares. Letras e Humanidades”. Revista do Programa de Pós-graduação em Letras, Cultura e Regionalidade da Universidade de Caxias do Sul. 
(ISSN: 1984-4921):

[2013-Current]: International Editorial Board member: Academic International Review, “História e Cultura.” Corpo Discente do PPGH da UNESP-Franca (Universidad Estatal Paulista, Brazil).(ISSN: 2238-6270).

[2012-Current]: Editorial Board member: Academic Review, La Gaceta Literaria. Research Group for 18th (University of Salamanca, Spain). Publisher: Delirio. (ISSN: 2340-6100).

[2011-Current]: Co-editor: Online academic review, “Revista Caracteres.” (ISSN: 2254-4496):

JCCS was also a co-editor of the three collective volumens: La memoria novelada: Hibridización de géneros y metaficción en la novela española actual (2000-2010) sobre la guerra civil.  Peter Lang, 2012; La memoria novelada II: Ficcionalización, documentalismo y lugares de memoria en la narrativa memorialista española. Peter Lang, 2013; and La memoria novelada III: Memoria transnacional y anhelos de justicia. Peter Lang, 2015.


Affiliations: Research Groups and International Networks

Coordinator of the Research International Network Memoria y Narración.
Member of the Spanish Society of Emblems.
Member of the Nordic Network for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies.
Research Group “Globalization, Migration and Memory” (University of Aarhus).
[2013-2014] Coordinator of the Research Unit Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity in Early Modern Period (University of Aarhus).
[2011-2014] Research Group “La memoria novelada” (The Novelized Memory) – Spanish Department (University of Aarhus).
[2008-2014] Research Group for the 18th Century Studies (GESXVIII, University of Salamanca).
Member of the permanent Seminar for Discourse, Legitimation and Memory (University of Salamanca).
Member of the International Research Network for Hispano-American Literature and its Values.
Member of the Research Network for the Field of Performance Philosophy and Brown Performance and Philosophy Group (University of Brown, USA).



Last updated: May 19, 2020

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