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Jennie Gustafsson

About me

My research topics are the political economy of rental housing, municipal governance, and housing inequality.

In my thesis, I investigated, with the city of Malmö as a departure point, the role of public housing historically until today, but also how private rental landlords use renovations as a value-adding strategy, exemplifying financialization of rental housing in the Swedish context. I also investigated urban regeneration, specifically how the project ‘Culture Casbah’ enmeshes political-economic housing and urban changes. My empirical material derives from interviews, observations, document- and archival material as well as statistics as secondary data. The aim of my thesis was to deepen the knowledge on changing relations around housing and to problematize how these changes affect tenants.


I have before studied Human Geography and Human Ecology (BA) and Library and Information Studies (MA) at Lund University.

Research interests: rental housing, public housing, renovations, the right to housing, local state, neoliberalism, financialization, political-economy


Pågående forskningsprojekt

Trajectories of vulnerability: A spatial perspective (VR) med Eva Andersson och Ida Borg.



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Gustafsson, J. (2022). “They had already sold”: Uncovering relations among the local state, the market and the public in the case of municipal housing privatization in Rosengård, Sweden. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space54(2), 247–264.

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