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Visiting address Kräftriket 2 B
Postal address Stockholm Resilience Centre 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am an aquatic ecologist interested in the intersection between ecology, science communication, and policy. I am motivated by my love of the outdoors and my enjoyment of sharing ideas with others.




Courses I have taught or organized at Stockholm University:

Science Communication for PhD Students, Spring 2015

  • Designed and taught

  • More information:

Applied Time Series for Ecology, Spring 2014

  • Course Coordinator

  • More information:

Marine Population and Ecosystem Dynamics

  • Guest lectures


Current Research

Coastal marine ecosystems are an important source of ecosystem services, from fisheries to storm protection, and the provisioning of these services is threatened globally.  Ecologists are frequently tasked with forecasting the response of ecosystems to restoration strategies or future environmental change.  An important component of this is to understand how species interactions at the base of the food web vary across a range of ecosystem states and how this affects ecosystem function.   Furthermore, in ecosystems that contain substantial variation in abiotic conditions, it is often desirable to understand how trends in organisms and communities from a given location relate to trends in other locations.  How synchronous are organism and community responses across space to natural variability and anthropogenic drivers?

Using high resolution, time-series data from across the Baltic Sea, we are evaluating the role of multiple ecological stressors and climate variability on plankton community interactions, interaction strength variability, and trends in phytoplankton taxa and communities.


Other Research Interests:

Portfolio theory, aquatic ecosystem services, Pacific salmon ecology and ecosystems, fisheries ecology


More Information

For more on my current research projects and my other research interests, please see my personal website ( - also avaible under the "Links" header.



You can find an updated publications list on my personal website or by searching my name on Google Scholar Citations


Last updated: October 30, 2018

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