Josefine Carlsson

Josefine Carlsson


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Works at Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 16 C
Room A 311
Postal address Institutionen för material- och miljökemi 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Josefine Carlsson started as a PhD student in analytical chemistry at Stockholm University 2018. My studies at Stockholm University started 2013 with the bachelor program in chemistry and after that the master program in analytical chemistry.


Lab assistant at the course Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Separation Methods (2019- )


My research topic is about chemicals in textiles. The project aims to develop analytical methods for screening and quantification purposes in order to increase the knowledge about chemicals present in textile material. Chemicals hitherto detected in clothes may cause several health effect as skin allergy, irritation and some even suspected or proven carcinogenic. Another important aspect is the environmental concern. It has been shown that chemicals are released from clothes during laundering and may affect the environment and the aquatic life.

On-going projects

Currently we are using high-performance liquid chromatography with high-resolution orbitrap mass spectrometry in order to perform screening of compounds in textile material, both suspected compounds from previously studies as well as new classes of chemicals having possible environmental or health concerns.

Further we are developing analytical methods in order to identify compounds in effluent laundry water and water passed through wastewater treatment plants.

We are also in the initial phase of studying the skin penetration of chemicals released from textile material and the formation of possible protein reactive metabolites.

Last updated: January 29, 2020

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