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Junjie Wu

About me



My research focuses on the deglacial-Holocene climate change. I am particularly interested in the ancient carbon remobilization during the last deglaciation, including the permafrost carbon (aged biospheric carbon) and the petrogenic organic carbon, by means of radiocarbon approach and compound-specific radiocarbon analyses (CSAR). Besides, I am interested in using sea-ice biomarker IP25 to reconstruct the sea-ice history.


Wu, J., Mollenhauer, G., Stein, R. et al. Deglacial release of petrogenic and permafrost carbon from the Canadian Arctic impacting the carbon cycle. Nature Communications 13, 7172 (2022).

Wu, J., Stein, R., Fahl, K. et al. Deglacial to Holocene variability in surface water characteristics and major floods in the Beaufort Sea. Communications Earth & Environment 1, 27 (2020).