Peter Kinlund

Peter Kinlund


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Works at Department of Human Geography
Telephone 08-16 46 98
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Postal address Kulturgeografiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me


I am a senior lecturer with a wide interest in many geographical issues, but especially rural change in Africa. My research career started off with a study on environmental change and land degradation in Botwana, from a perspective of political ecology. The work is published as a PhD thesis in P. Kinlund (1996): Does Land Degradation matter? Perspectives on environmental change in north-eastern Botswana. Almquist & Wiksell International, Stockholm.

Present research is focusing on cash crop production and food security in south-central Ethiopia. The major cash crop in the area in focus is Kat, a crop classified as a narcotic drug in many countries but legal in Ethiopia. The production has many implications for rural life, many positive aspects, as seen by the local farmers, but also negative ones.

Most of my time, however, is devoted to teaching and administration. I am Programme Director of the Bachelor´s Programme in Geography, which is run by Department of Human Geography together with Department of Physical Geography. I am also International Coordinator, working with student exchange program, primarily Erasmus+.

I teach on a number of different courses on both bachelor and master levels, on courses in geography, human geography and political ecology. One important pedagogical tool in courses in geography in Stockholm has for a long time been international field courses. I have had the privilege to conduct one to four-week long field courses to Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Namibia, Kirgizstan, New Zealand and, most recently, to Georgia, most of them in cooperation with staff from Department of Physical Geography.

In cooperation with the publisher Natur & Kultur, and together with Maria Bergman, I have written a number of textbooks in geography for the latter part of primary school, for example P. Kinlund & M. Bergman (2013) Impuls Geografi 1-3. Natur & Kultur, Stockholm.

Last updated: April 14, 2018

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