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Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen


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Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Telephone 08-674 74 92
Postal address Institutionen för kultur och estetik 106 91 Stockholm


Research Project
My research is concerned with theorizing the analysis of the potential for transcending experience in the context of staged events, that is, contemporary ritual and theatrical events. I build on cases from Scandinavia as well as Aotearoa/New Zealand. The theoretical and methodical basis is Erika Fischer-Lichte’s “aesthetics of the performative” originally presented in Ästhetik des Performativen (2004), which is combined with theories on metaphysical and religous experience mainly delevoped by William James and Dorthe Jørgensen. Understanding transcendence as performative acts my aim is to develop a strategy of analysis for the fascilitating of aesthetic  experience through mise-en-scène, which, in a general sense, may also contribute to a refined understanding of the transformative power of performance. Scandinavian cases include Olafur Eliasson's My Blind Passenger (2010), Hotel Pro Forma’s jesus_c_odd_size (2000/2002), SIGNA’s Salò (2010), The Lund Church Player Group’s Jag är den jag är (I am that I am) (2005) and Hittefågel (Foundling-Bird) (2011); the  memorial performance-installation 185 Empty Chairs (2012-) and traditional Maori powhiri (wellcome ceremony) comprise Aotearoa cases.

I am a participant in the Scandinavian research project Nettverk for Estetikk, Naturvitenskap og Teologi, based at University of Oslo, (, co-founder and co-convener of the Working Group Performance and Religion under the auspices of International Federation of Theatre Research (, and the current president of the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars (

I am former co-editor of the journal Nordic Theatre Studies.

I am also former actor with SIGNA (

Publications (selected)

  • “Scenens ikkeviden. I anledning af Lars Qvortrups Paradokshåndtering og ritualproduktion”, in Drude von der Fehr (ed.) Den levende kroppen. Mott et nytt forhold mellom menneske og natur, Oslo: Vidarforlaget 2016
  • “Über die Schwelle, in die Welt hinein. Das spirituelle Potenzial der Performance”, in double 33, 2016 
  • “Hotel Pro Forma: Dagens kage er en træstamme” (with Daria Kubiak), in Peripeti 25, 2016:
  • “Scenisk rumkunst. Kosmos+”, in Erik Exe Christoffersen & Kathrine Winkelhorn (ed.): Skønhedens hotel: Et laboratorium for scenekunst, Aarhus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 2015
  • “The Museum as a Repository for Local Identity and Social Capital: Audience development in performing the exhibition – two cases from Lodz" (with Daria Kubiak) in Sztuka i Dokumentaja/Art & Documentation, #12, 2015:
  • “Liminality” (with Joshua Edelman), in Ecumenica. Journal of Theatre and Performance, Vol. 7.1/7.2, 2014
  • “Mellem ritual og teater. Hotel Pro Formas forestillinger Operation: Orfeo og jesus_c_odd_size”, in Kritisk Forum for Praktisk Teologi, nr. 128, 2012
  • “SIGNAs Salò: affekt og non-etisk katastrofe”, in Peripeti 17, 2012
  • “Who am I now, who am I here?”, in Sibila Petlevski & Goran Pavlic (ed.): Spaces of Identity in the Performing Sphere, Zagreb: Fraktura 2011
  • “Congregation and Performance: Experiential Metaphysics in Hotel Pro Forma’s Operation: Orfeo and jesus_c_odd_size”, in Performance Research 13.3, 2008;
  • “Dramaturgi pro forma”, in Peripeti 10, 2008
  • “Publikumspositioner og erfaringsmetafysik i teatret”, in Bent Holm (ed.): Tro på teatret, Multivers, Frederiksberg 2006

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