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Kirk ScottResearcher

About me

I am a professor at the Center for Economic Demography in Lund, but I am also employed as a researcher at Stockholm University Demography Unit, SUDA.


My research lies primarily in the intersection between immigrant integration and demography, with focuses on labor market integration in general, and its impact on demographic behavior in particular. To this end, interest has been both on the economic and demographic integration of immigrants themselves, as well as the pathways through which the children of immigrants integrate into the host society. Parallel with these studies, I have become increasingly interested in the economic impacts of population ageing, and potential policy answers to the challenges caused by an ageing population.

Research keywords

Demography, fertility, marriage, register-based research, population aging, labor economics

Recent publications

Gao, M., Scott, K. & Koupil, I. (2020) “Associations of perinatal characteristics with endometriosis: a nationwide birth cohort study,” International Journal of Epidemiology, 49(2), pp. 537-547.

Helgertz, J. & Scott, K. (2020) “The Validity of Astrological Predictions on Marriage and Divorce: A Longitudinal Analysis of Swedish Register Data,” Genus: Journal of Population Sciences, 76, 34.

Saarela, J. & Scott, K. (2020) “Naturalization in a context of free mobility: Evidence from cross-national data on Finnish immigrants in Sweden,” European Journal of Population, 36(2), pp. 317-335.

Helgertz, J., Scott, K., & Smith, C. (2019) “Time and Generation: Parents' Integration and Children's School Performance in Sweden, 1989-2011,” European Journal of Population, 35(4), pp. 719-750.

Aradhya, S., Scott, K. & Smith, C. (2019) “Father’s Repeat Migration and Children’s Educational Performance,” International Migration Review, 53(1), pp. 154-182.