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Larissa BassoSenior Lecturer

About me

My research focuses on environmental politics, especially the social and political aspects of energy transitions in emerging economies. I also have research in international and comparative environmental law, comparative environmental politics and on the role of Brazil in global environmental and climate governance.

I received a PhD in International Relations (2018) from University of Brasília, and part of the doctoral research was carried out at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California San Diego, where I was a Visiting Scholar (2016-2017). I also hold an MPhil in Environmental Policy (2010) from University of Cambridge, a Masters in International Law (2008) from the University of São Paulo and a Bachelors of Laws (2003) from the same university. I have research and teaching experience both in law and political science/international relations. I am a member of the Brazilian Climate Change Forum and a lawyer, regularly registered at Brazilian BAR association since 2004, having worked both in legal consultancy and litigation cases.

Research Interests

Global environmental governance; sustainability transitions; the politics of decarbonization; effectiveness; energy governance; climate change; BRICS; G20; Brazil; climate and environmental politics in Brazil.

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Peer reviewed

BASSO, Larissa (2019): Brazilian energy-related climate (in)action and the challenge of deep decarbonization. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional (ISSN 0034-7329), v. 62, n. 02.

BASSO, Larissa (2018): Domestic determinants of international cooperation: an analysis of the intricate relationship between energy politics and climate change mitigation. PhD dissertation.

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BASSO, Larissa and VIOLA, Eduardo (2014): Chinese energy policy progress and challenges in the transition to low carbon development, 2006-2013. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional (ISSN 0034-7329), v. 57, special edition.

Research dissemination

BASSO, Larissa (2020): Why a 17% emissions drop does not mean we are addressing climate change. The Conversation (online), 21 May 2020.

BASSO, Larissa (2019): Presidential diplomacy reversed: how Bolsonaro’s attack on the environment is undermining Brazilian international power. Revista Mundorama (online), 30 Aug 2019.

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BASSO, Larissa and VIOLA, Eduardo (2017): Why climate action won’t die after Trump’s election. Revista Mundorama (online), 23 Feb 2017.

BASSO, Larissa (2016): The changing picture of energy security. Revista Mundorama (online), 18 Oct 2016.

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BASSO, Larissa (2016): What can you do to mitigate climate change. Revista Mundorama (online), 05 Jul 2016.

BASSO, Larissa (2016): O que significa precificar o carbono e porque a medida combate a mudança do clima. (Free translation: What does carbon pricing means and why it helps fighting climate change). Revista Mundorama (online), 15 Jun 2016.

BASSO, Larissa (2016): The Paris Agreement was signed - what's next? Revista Mundorama (online), 09 May 2016.

BASSO, Larissa and VIOLA, Luciano (2016): The energy internet: managing electricity in the 21st Century. Revista Mundorama (online), 15 Mar 2016.

BASSO, Larissa (2016): Cai o preço do petróleo, aumenta a produção de energia renovável: como explicar? (Oil prices are decreasing, renewable output is increasing: how can we explain?) Revista Mundorama (online), 02 Feb 2016.

BASSO, Larissa and VIOLA, Eduardo (2015): O desafio da mudança de paradigma: o Antropoceno nas Relações Internacionais. (Free translation: The challenge of changing paradigm: the Anthropocene in International Relations) Revista Mundorama (online), 31 Dez 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): A INDC brasileira: avanço importante, mas modesto, do Brasil no regime climático. (Free translation: The Brazilian INDC: an important, but modest, Brazilian advance in the climate regime) Revista Mundorama (online), 10 Nov 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): Divesting from fossil fuels and investing in renewables: is it the trend? Revista Mundorama (online), 21 Sep 2015.

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BASSO, Larissa (2015): A decisão em Haia sobre mudança do clima: precedente contra Estados omissos. (Free translation: The Hague decision on climate change: precedent against omissive States?) Revista Mundorama (online), 10 Jul 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): Energy access: fighting poverty and expanding the use of renewables. Revista Mundorama (online), 10 Jun 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): Why do we fear nuclear power but not coal? Revista Mundorama (online), 09 May 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): Low carbon development: what it is and why it is key in the XXI Century. Revista Mundorama (online), 04 Apr 2015.

BASSO, Larissa (2015): Petróleo, shale e energias de baixo carbono: inter-relações e incertezas. (Free translation: Oil, shale and low carbon energy: interrelation and uncertainties). Revista Mundorama (online), 13 Mar 2015.


VIOLA Eduardo and BASSO, Larissa (2014): Amazonian policy and politics, 2003-2013: deforestation, hydropower and biofuels. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre Report. URL: <>


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