Linda Carlsson, kommunikationschef vid Stockholms universitet

Linda Carlsson


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Works at Communications Office
Telephone 08-16 22 56
Visiting address Bloms paviljong, Svante Arrhenius väg, 26
Room 224
Postal address Kommunikationsavdelningen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I work as Head of Communications at Stockholm University, section manager and management team member at the External Relations and Communications Office. Our work is divided into five areas: Communications Strategy and Advice, Marketing Communications, Media Production, Press and Editorial Team, and Visual Identity and Branding. Our task is to provide tools, support and skills development so that the different departments and offices of the university can communicate effectively - both internally and externally. We work with the university as a whole to strengthen and promote our profile as as leading education and research institution. My responsibilities include planning, budget, staffing and follow-up. Another important part of my work is to follow the development within various communication areas linked to higher education, for example digitalisation and internationalisation.

Some thoughts on communication

We all communicate, and communication activities of various kinds are ongoing throughout the university. The challenge lies in making education and research accessible to people outside the university who need to find relevant and understandable information. To succeed, we need to understand that we are communicating on the recipient's terms. At the same time, we must ensure that we do not lose our identity and character as an academic institution in the jungle of channels and messages that exist today. Communication that reaches and engages its audience is rarely the result of solo efforts. It's a team effort. 


Last updated: June 26, 2020

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