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Telephone 08-120 764 55
Visiting address Frescati hagväg 10
Room 426
Postal address Specialpedagogiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

PhD in mathematics, senior lecturer/associate professor in special education

With a formal background in mathematics and Assyriology/history of science, as well as a genuine interest in culture and languages, Dr Ma Li's working areas have expanded from mathematics and its history to education related diversity issues including special education, alternative education, the influence on learning styles of language background, gender perspective and culture, fuzzy logic, methodological issues in comparative studies, PISA, and STS.

Ma Li has lived in ten countries on different continents, and learned a dozen languages. With a scholarship she came to Europe decades ago to “study the masters” from ABC (Amsterdam, Berlin, Cambridge). Subsequently she received other awards from the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, the Canon Foundation, the Royal Society in London, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, etc. After obtaining a PhD in mathematics, she conducted post-doctoral research in linguistic sciences before being appointed a university lecturer/associate/professor in mathematics.

For over two decades Ma Li has been a Red Cross Volunteer helping children with homework, helping immigrants with integration into the community, helping the elderly to church services, and so on. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. During treatments she met children who were affected by chemotherapy and needed help with their school work. By helping these children and through her own experiences during/after many tuff treatments, she became interested in special education. 

In addition to supervising/evaluating students' thesis, Dr Ma works with colleagues teaching theory of science and research methodology, an in-depth course "theory and practice in special education", and special education as an interdisciplinary subject. Her current research interests include educational difficulties associated with illness or treatments, special needs of gifted children, alternative (e.g. Waldorf) education for children with special needs, creativity and talent education, interdisciplinary/intercultural/international/comparative studies of PISA related to STEM education.


Last updated: April 16, 2020

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