Lisa Nicklasson


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Works at Department of Mathematics (incl. Math. Statistics)
Telephone 08-16 45 95
Visiting address Kräftriket, hus 5
Room 41
Postal address Matematik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a Ph. D. student (2015--2020) at the Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University, working in commutative algebra.


Spring 2020. Lectures in Matematik II: Algebra och kombinatorik (second term course in algebra and combinatorics, swedish)

Fall 2019. Extercise sessions in Matematik II: Algebra och kombinatorik

Fall 2018--Spring 2019. Mathematics Circle: Graph theory with focus on colorings (aimed for high school students, swedish) 

Fall 2017--Spring 2018. Mathematics Circle: Geometric constructions (swedish)


My research is in commutative algebra, focused on Lefschetz properties, Hilbert series, and Betti numbers of graded algebras. I am especially interested in algebras with a combinatorial structure.



S. Lundqvist and L. Nicklasson, On generic principal ideals in the exterior algebra, Journal of pure and applied algebra Vol. 223 (6), 2019, p. 2615-2634, DOI

S. Lundqvist and L. Nicklasson. On the structure of monomial complete intersections in positive characteristic, Journal of Algebra Vol 521, 2019, p. 213-234, DOI

L. Nicklasson, The strong Lefschetz property of monomial complete intersections in two variables, Collectanea Mathematica Vol. 69, 2018, p. 359-375, DOI

L. Nicklasson, On the Hilbert series of ideals generated by generic forms, Communications in Algebra Vol. 45, 2017, p. 3390-3395, DOI


Submitted preprints

L. Nicklasson, On the Betti numbers and Rees algebras of ideals with linear powers, arXiv: 1904.01995



MaximalRankProperties, A Macaulay2 package for investigating the Lefschetz properties, the Maximal rank property, and the Fröberg conjecture.

Last updated: October 1, 2019

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