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Matthias SchwarzPostdoctor

About me

I am working as a PostDoc at the Department of Meteorology of Stockholm's University (MISU). I am using a high-resolution process model (i.e., a large-eddy simulator) to better understand aerosol-cloud-climate interactions. My work aims to use newly gained process-level understanding to further improve aerosol-cloud-climate interactions in the global climate model such that the uncertainties related to these interactions decrease. Ultimately, this should lead to more accurate climate projections.


Before my occupation at MISU, I obtained a Ph.D. at the "Institute of atmospheric and climate science" at ETH Zürich (Switzerland). During my Ph.D. I investigated "temporal changes of solar radiation in the climate system". My work contributed to a better understanding of the global energy balance and in particular how solar (shortwave) energy fluxes changed historically during the time where we have sufficient measurements available for such studies (i.e. ca. 20-25yr).


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