A selfie taken in Amsterdam, Sept. 2018.

Mattia Sirressi

PhD student

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Astronomy
Visiting address Roslagstullsbacken 21, C 6 & D 6
Room C6:3015
Postal address Institutionen för astronomi 10691 Stockholm

About me

I am a PhD candidate in the Galaxy group of the Astronomy department.
My goal is to give a contribution to the understanding of the structure and the evolution of the galaxies in our Universe.

My supervisor is Angela Adamo, an experienced researcher who has obtained a copius amount of new astronomical data from Hubble Space Telescope and Very Large Telescope in Chile. We will analyse these images of nearby galaxies to study star-formation and to understand how the young stars affect the interstellar medium around them with strong winds.
I am also interested in supermassive black holes, in the centre of some galaxies, which can generate outflows and suppress star-formation.

I believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will play a larger and larger role in the future of Science and the Industry, due to the availability of large data sets. As part of my research I am building expertise in this new promising field, training algorithms to learn from big data.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

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