Martin Neuding Skoog. Foto: Anders Ståhlberg/Stockholms universitet

Martin Neuding Skoog


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of History
Visiting address Huvudbiblioteket plan 6, Universitetsvägen 10
Room D 914
Postal address Historia 106 91 Stockholm


Research Areas

  • Medieval Studies
  • Political history
  • State formation
  • Early modern era
  • Swedish history
  • Military history

Ongoing research

I’m mainly interested in the military and political history of the later Middle Ages and the early modern era, both in Sweden and in Europe in general.

I’m currently writing a thesis (In the service of the Realm – War, State and Society in Sweden 1450-1550) in which I examine the links between recurrent warfare and the state formation process in the Swedish realm ca 1450-1550. I focus both on how the decentralized military institutions of late medieval Swedish society were organized and in what ways they were restructured during the 16th century. The changing role of the state in external warfare during this period is the core of the argument, and how preparations for war propelled the transition from a coordinating state to an organizing state.

Through which strategies were military personnel recruited and financed in late medieval Sweden? How great was the qualitative and quantitative military importance of different groups in society? What were the incentives for military service and who served? What role did military enterprisers play in the Swedish context? In what ways did the Swedish military institutions change in the 16th century? To what extent did the increasing geopolitical pressure of the Baltic Sea area affect the military developments in the Swedish realm? What consequences did the military changes have for the relations between state and society? Were the transformations of the Swedish realm ‘typical’ to developments on the continent, or a peculiar case?

Last updated: April 4, 2019

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