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Neha AroraPhD student

About me

My research looks at the ways in which urban infrastructure shapes informal livelihoods and the lived experience of informal trading policies. I am especially interested in understanding how everyday urban infrastructure and rhythms are concieved and mobilised for livelihood potential. 

I graduated from University of Oxford in 2020 and hold a MSc in Sustainable Urban Development. I am currently the Editorial Assistant for AAG Review of Books and am a researcher on the project, Everyday economy of infrastructure projects: Financial diaries of builder and providers of cities - Cases of Johannesburg and Istanbul, University of Oxford Fell Fund 2020-2021. 

Research interests: urban informality, urban everyday life, infrastructure, migration, belonging, citizenship 


Current teaching responsibilities at the Department of Human Geography include the courses ‘ Globalisation, Environment and Social Change’ (Second Cycle) and ‘Resistance and Collective Organsising’ (First Cycle).


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