Peter Alan Nagy

Peter Nagy


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Works at Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 20A, plan 3
Room P 314
Postal address Institutionen för de humanistiska och samhällsvetenskapliga ämnenas didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Peter is a researcher in instructional design in the social sciences, environmental law, music and the English language. His Ph.D. thesis deals with the use of intermodal metaphor and metonymy in multimodal instructional design in the humanities.

At Stockholm University he teaches social studies, law and singing courses in the instructional design (ämnesdidaktik) program for pre- and inservice school teachers.

He has previously taught environmental law, animal law, comparative law and singing as a university lecturer in Tokyo, Japan, a career that has overlapped with his practice as a lawyer in Canada and Japan.

In his research and teaching he draws from a varied background as lawyer, linguist and musician. He is a qualified elementary, middle- and high school teacher of music, law, history, English and French in the regular curriculum and the curriculum for the hearning and speech impaired. He is certified in four different jurisdictions in Sweden and Canada.


Peter has been a full course lecturer of comparative law, environmental law, and singing at Waseda University, Yokohama National University and Tokyo University of Science. His particular focus has been English Second Language education in the instruction of these subjects, using Content and Language Integrated Learning techniques that rely on a wide range of multimodal resources. He has also taught English and French in a Swedish middle school and presently teaches social sciences curriculum studies and singing in the Teacher Education Program at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education at Stockholm University.


The focus of Peter's research is the school social sciences and languages curriculum. He is presently researching the varying extent to which subject content in school textbooks enables the teaching and learning of responsibility templates. One of the goals of his research is to explore how to ensure better access to the legal profession for the hearing and speech impaired.

Systemic Functional Linguistics provides his research with a unified analytical platform.

Last updated: November 12, 2020

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