Polina Smiragina

Polina Smiragina-Ingelström


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Works at Department of Criminology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 C, plan 6
Room C 610
Postal address Kriminologiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

PhD Candidate, Visiting Scholar


Area of research:

The Invisibility of Male Victims of Human Trafficking: Causes and Consequences

This study focuses on obtaining detailed qualitative data on the reasons for and outcomes of the invisibility of male victims of human trafficking by means of documentary analysis, observations and semi-structured interviews followed by a thorough data analysis integrated with the concepts of masculinity, victimization and victimhood.

This research addresses social issues such as suppression, oppression, gender discrimination and gender inequality towards male victims of human trafficking who have been exploited for different purposes and by different means; who in accordance with the UN Trafficking Protocol fall under the definition of victims of human trafficking but are facing discriminatory conduct on the part of the law enforcement, assistance and aid organizations and, thus, may not/do not have access to support services.

This study identifies a gap in existing research as well as in the, policy aid sector. The main objective of this research then is to substantiate that male trafficking constitutes a considerable part of the human trafficking flow, confirm the complexity of the phenomenon and given the example of Russia examine the scope of male trafficking to identify its broadness and distinguish what nuances impede male victims of human trafficking from receiving the assistance they require. 

Teaching: Introduction to sociology (University of Sydney)


Smiragina, Polina (2015). Misidentification of Men Within the Human Trafficking Discourse, Refereed Proceedings of TASA 2015 Conference: Neoliberalism and Contamporary Challenges for the Asia Pacific, 23-26 November 2015, pp. 123-129

Smiragina, Polina (2016, Accepted for publication 13-10-2015). The Invisibility of Male victims of Human Trafficking, Slaver Past, present and Future project: 1st Global Meeting, Oxford, United Kingdom, Inter-Disciplinary Press

Smiragina, Polina (2015). The Invisibility of Male Victims of Human Trafficking, NEXUS Newsletter of the Australian Sociological Association, V. 27(1) Mar 2015, pp. 39-40

Smiragina P.A. (2013). Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Labor Exploitation, Migration Bridges in Eurasia. V International Conference: Labour Migration in the Russian Federation: The Prevention of Forced Labour, the Promotion of Social-Economical Development, Improvement Regulation, Moscow: RAS. pp. 229-232

Last updated: January 31, 2020

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