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Richard Kowalik

About me

PhD student

My research interests are typology, language description and the Saami languages, especially South Saami. I am interested in possession, negation and other morphosyntactic features; grammaticalization and language change.

My PhD project is to carry out a corpus-based grammatical description for South Saami. South Saami is an under-described and endangered minority language spoken in Sweden and Norway and belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family.

South Saami has a number of typological features which distinguishes it from other Saami languages. These features include SOV word order, morphological distinction between accusative and genitive case, three locational cases, copula-free noun phrases and a genitive construction to express predicative possession.


Ljuba Veselinova (Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University)
Henrik Liljegren (Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University)


A selection from Stockholm University publication database

  • Predicative possession in South Saami

    2016. Richard Kowalik (et al.).

    The goal of this work is to describe the domain of predicative possession in South Saami, a Finno-Ugric language spoken in Sweden and Norway. Data has been elicited from native speakers of South Saami, and the analysis has been carried out within a general functional-typological framework.

    In South Saami, four different predicative possessive constructions are used: (1) a habeo-verb construc­tion, (2a) a genitive possessive without copula, (2b) a genitive possessive with copula, and (3) a locational possessive. The latter is not described in the grammars. The have-possessive and the genitive possessives occur frequently and are used to encode all notions of possession. The use of the locational possessive is restricted to inanimate possessors. Distri­bution of the constructions varies among the speakers. Examples for the have-possessive construction present the greatest structural variation. The four possessive constructions are set within a typological context.

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