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Roger Andersson

About me

My interests are mainly in the field of historical Scandinavian philology and medieval studies in a broader perspective. In the ongoing project Heliga Birgittas texter på fornsvenska I present a modern edition of the Old Swedish version of the Revelations of St Birgitta. In the project Text till tiden. Medeltida texter i kontext – då och nu I work on scribal identifications, medieval written culture and the interplay between Old Swedish and Latin in medieval manuscripts. Another important strand in my research is related to medieval spirituality and the history of the medieval sermon and preaching. Since 2006 I have been General editor and member of the Editoriak Board of the book series Sermo. Studies on Patristic, Medieval and Reformation Sermons and Preaching (Brepols Publishers). Since 2017 I am the president of the Svenska fornskriftsällskapet.


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