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Works at Department of Economic History and International Relations
Telephone 08-16 47 92
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 A, plan 9
Room A 924
Postal address Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Stefan Borg is Associate Professor in International Relations and Director of Undergraduate Studies in IR at the Department of Economic History and International Relations.

Borg is the author of European Integration and the Problem of the State: A Critique of the Bordering of Europe (Palgrave 2015). His work has also appeared or is forthcoming in international peer-reviewed journals such as Review of International Studies, Security Dialogue, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of International Relations and Development, Geopolitics, Journal of International Political Theory, European Security, Defence Studies, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, Middle East Critique, and Global Affairs.

In 2015, Borg was awarded the Swedish Political Science Association’s (SWEPSA) prize for Best Conference Paper presented by a younger scholar for a paper on genealogy in International Relations. In 2016, Borg won the International Studies Association (ISA) Human Rights’s section Best Paper Award for a paper on postfoundational rights claiming.




Borg, Stefan (2015) European Integration and the Problem of the State: A Critique of the Bordering of Europe. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Borg, Stefan (2012) The Desire for Europe. European Integration and the Question of State Violence, doctoral dissertation, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University, Ann Arbor: ProQuest.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Borg, Stefan (forthcoming) "Assembling Israeli Drone Warfare. Loitering surveillance and operational sustainability," accepted for publication in Security Dialogue.

Borg, Stefan (2020) “Below the Radar. Examining a small state’s usage of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles,” Defence Studies 20(3): 185–201.

Bremberg Niklas and Borg, Stefan (2020) “Ambiguous power? A relational approach to how the EU exercises power in Morocco and Tunisia,” Journal of International Relations and Development, OnlineFirst, DOI:

Bengtsson, Louise, Borg, Stefan, and Rhinard, Mark (2019)“Assembling European health security: Epidemic intelligence and the hunt for cross-border health threats,” Security Dialogue 50(2): 115-130.

Bengtsson, Louise, Borg, Stefan, and Rhinard, Mark (2018) “European security and early warning systems: from risks to threats in the European Union’s health security sector,” European Security 27(1): 20-40.

Borg, Stefan (2018) “Genealogy as critique in International Relations: Beyond the hermeneutics of baseless suspicion,” Journal of International Political Theory 14(1): 41–59.

Borg, Stefan (2017) “The Politics of Universal Rights Claiming. Secular and Sacred Rights Claiming in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia,” Review of International Studies 43(3): 453-474.

Borg, Stefan (2016) “The Arab Uprisings, the Liberal Civilizing Narrative and the Problem of Orientalism,” Middle East Critique 25(3): 211-227.

Borg, Stefan and Diez, Thomas (2016) “Postmodern EU? Integration between Alternative Horizons and Territorial Angst,” Journal of Common Market Studies 54(1): 136-151.

Borg, Stefan (2014) “Euro-Crafting at Border Zones: The case of the Greco-Turkish border and the question of a European Union ‘beyond the state,’” Geopolitics 19(3): 565-586.

Borg, Stefan (2014) “European Integration and the Problem of the State: Universality, Particularity and Exemplarity in the Crafting of the European Union,” Journal of International Relations and Development 17(3): 339-366.

Helland-Figueroa, Leonardo and Borg, Stefan (2014) “The Lure of State Failure: A Critique of State Failure Discourse in World Politics,” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 16(6): 877-897.


Book chapters

Åhäll, Linda and Borg, Stefan (2014) “Articulation, Predication, Subject Positioning: Discourse Analysis in Practice” in Shepherd, Laura J. (ed.) Critical Approaches to Security: Theories and Methods, 196-207, London and New York: Routledge.


Non peer-reviewed work

Borg, Stefan and Bremberg, Niklas (2016) “Powerless Europe” introduction to forum on the EU’s response to the Arab uprisings, Global Affairs 2(4): 389-391.

Borg, Stefan and Rhinard, Mark (2016) ”’Krisifiering’ av EU:s beslutsfattande”, chapter in Världspolitikens Dagsfrågor Nr. 11-12, special issue on ‘Finns det hopp för EU?’. Stockholm: Utrikespolitiska institutet.

Biscop, Sven and Borg, Stefan (2015) “A New Concept for a New Neighbourhood”, The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective, edited by Senén Florensa, 81-92, Barcelona: IEMed. European Institute of the Mediterranean.

Andersson, Jan Joel and Borg, Stefan (2006) ”Den nordiska snabbinsatsstyrkan – tid för debatt.” Internationella studier, 2, 2006.

Andersson, Jan Joel and Borg, Stefan (2005) ”Säkerhet och försvar i framtidens Europa – hur skall Sverige ställa sig?”, in Jan Joel Andersson (ed.) Säkerhet och Försvar i Europa: Konsekvenser för Sverige, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, March 2005.

Borg, Stefan and Eriksson, Mikael (2005) ”Kriget mot Terrorismen ur två Perspektiv”, Internationella Studier, 1, 2005.

Andersson, Jan Joel and Borg, Stefan (2005) “En för alla och alla för EU? Den Nordiska snabbinsatsstyrkan och de medverkande ländernas inställning till samarbetet”, Report to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Department of European Security Policy.

Borg, Stefan and Herolf, Gunilla (2005) “CFSP Watch 2005 – Sweden”, published on the webpage of FORNET (a network of research and teaching on European Foreign Policy funded by the European Commission). 

Borg, Stefan (2004) book review of Henrikki Heikka’s “Grand Strategies and the Northern Dimension of European Security: Four Scenarios for 2010”, in Millennium: Journal of International Studies 33(1): 190-192.

Last updated: August 26, 2020

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