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Works at Department of Public Health Sciences
Visiting address Sveavägen 160, Sveaplan
Room 361
Postal address Institutionen för folkhälsovetenskap 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Kerstin Stenius has a PhD in social work from Stockholm university and she associate professor at Helsinki university. She is also affiliated with the Nordic Welfare Center in Helsinki and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare. Stenius has been active in several international organizations in the addiction field and is presently a board member of ICARA (International Confederation of ATOD Research Associations).

Stenius is a part-time researcher at SoRAD  since the year 2000, and was a guest professor 2008-2012.

Stenius research has primarily focused on the substance abuse treatment system, with historical and comparative perspectives. Her latest projects have dealt with the significance and meaning of choice in the welfare system for persons with substance abuse problems (a project led by researchers at the Ersta-Sköndal  University College); local substance abuse treatment in the Nordic countries (a research and development project administered  by the Nordic Welfare  Centre Finland) and the effect of integration of  mental health care and substance abuse treatment on the  problem definitions and care provided (a project at the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland).  Public procurement of substance abuse problems is a current research interest, linked to Stenius’ work as researcher in Jessica Storbjörk’s project ”Benefits, tensions and inconsistencies in the health and welfare system: New Public Management in Swedish substance abuse treatment”.

Stenius has recently retired from her position as editor-in-chief of Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. She is co-editor of a book on scientific publishing: ” Publishing Addiction Science. A guide for the perplexed”.  The primary target groups for the book is younger or less experienced researcher in the addiction field, but the content is relevant for other research fields as well.   The third edition of the book was published in 2017. The book is available in open access at


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2016. Kerstin Stenius. The international journal of alcohol and drug research 5 (1), 9-10

    Scientific journals are crucial for a critical and open exchange of new research findings and as guardians of the quality of science. Today, as policy makers increasingly justify decision-making with references to scientific evidence, and research articles form the basis for evidence for specific measures, journals also have an indirect responsibility for how political decisions will be shaped.

  • 2011. Kerstin Stenius. Addiction 106 (12), 2070-2071
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