Kerstin Thomson

Kerstin Thomson


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Works at Stockholm Business School
Visiting address Kräftriket hus 24, Roslagsvägen 101
Postal address Företagsekonomiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

About me

Kerstin Thomson is active at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. Kerstin has previously worked at Scandinavian Airlines and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Kerstin's main interests are management accounting and control with focus on value creation. The dissertation "Management control and public value. A study with examples from the museum world" (2017) studies the inherent perceptions of public value creation in New Public Management and Public Value Management. The dissertation, which is a monograph, indicates that elements of the two concepts can be combined and complement each other in the co-creation of public value in an extended circle of stakeholders, taking into account sustainability and future generations.

Kerstin is currently involved in a research project within the Academy of Management Accounting and control in central Government. (link)


Listed in Stockholm University publication database.(link)

Last updated: January 15, 2020

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