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Tim ÅströmPhD Student

About me

As a PhD student in analytical chemistry I will, together with my research group, develop fast screening analytical methodologies aiming to identify ubiquitous xenobiotic compounds represented in textile garments, and hence, effluents from wastewater treatment plants since these hazardous chemicals are released from the material during laundry. Thus, a lot of previous work in this field has already been made, for instance significant efforts regarding the removal of dyes prior to the analysis. During my PhD project we will therefore focus on an improvement related to for example an optimization of the instrumental response, as well as the chromatographic behaviour to decrease the total time of analysis. Regarding the sample clean-up we will as well develop a methodology to selectively filter out surfactants represented in laundry detergents among others, which hopefully will decrease the number of matrix interferences during our measurements.  A main goal from a societal point of view will be to supply a reliable methodology that can be employed to continuously monitor potentially hazardous compounds represented in textile materials. With this in mind, it will be easier for authorities and politicians to improve their regulations regarding the manufacturing process of these materials.