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Viivi HirvonenPostdoc

About me

My research is focused on computational enzymology, specifically on applying multiscale modelling techniques for elucidating enzymatic reactions. I am currently studying the heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90), which is a 90 kDa homodimeric molecular chaperone. Hsp90 couples large conformational changes to ATP binding and hydrolysis, which ultimately results in folding of the client proteins. However, Hsp90 is a rather sluggish enzyme with slow ATP hydrolysis rates. My aim is to study the conformational dynamics of Hsp90 using a combination of atomistic molecular dynamics simulations together with QM/MM reaction modelling to elucidate the fundamental principles behind the function of this complex enzyme. 


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2017-2021 PhD Biochemistry, University of Bristol

2016-2017 MSc in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, University of Oxford

2012-2016, BSc Chemistry, University of Helsinki


Research group: Ville Kaila