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Bert Bolin Climate Lecture 2024


Date: Wednesday 8 May 2024

Time: 14.00 – 15.00

Location: Beijersalen, KVA – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Adress: Lilla Frescativägen 4 (and Zoom)

This year's lecture "When giants falter: Tipping points in Greenland and Antarctica" is given by Professor Ricarda Winkelmann from the University of Potsdam and PIK. With expertise in climate system analysis and ice dynamics, Professor Winkelmann will delve into critical thresholds of ice-sheet stability and will shed light on the potential impacts of Greenland and Antarctica's ice dynamics on global sea-level rise and climate change. Her insights, gained through extensive research offer a unique perspective on the future of our planet.

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When giants falter: Tipping points in Greenland and Antarctica

Storing ice volumes of more than 65 meters sea-level equivalent, the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica are by far the largest potential source of future sea-level rise. Their stability hence determines the long-term fate of coastal cities and cultural heritage sites around the world. While massive in size, the ice sheets also belong to the most vulnerable parts of the Earth system: Feedbacks between ice, atmosphere, ocean and solid earth give rise to nonlinearities in their response to progressing global warming. Once a critical temperature threshold is crossed, this could lead to self-sustained and potentially irreversible ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica. Here, we review the processes behind these dynamic instabilities, discuss the risk of crossing ice-sheet tipping points in the near future, and explore the resulting impacts on sea-level rise and our global climate – not just for this century, but for the next millennia and beyond. Our results illustrate how near-term greenhouse-gas emissions will lead to long-term impacts that change the face of our planet. This calls for the need to redefine inter-generational climate responsibility, from near-term human impacts to long-term commitments that determine liveability on Earth.

Ricarda Winkelmann. Photo: Private

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in the field of climate science. We encourage everyone interested in this topic to attend the lecture, where you'll be able to gain insights and knowledge from Professor Winkelmann's extensive research and experience. The lecture is open for all who register and aimed toward high school students and general public.

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