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Seminar: Citizen science from an ethics perspective


Date: Tuesday 30 May 2023

Time: 13.00 – 15.00

Citizen science has received increased attention in recent years and is part of the Open Science paradigm. Citizen science methods facilitates research, while at the same time rendering research more transparent and inclusive. However, citizen science methods also raise new challenges in research integrity and ethics.

This seminar is intended for Stockholm University researchers with an interest in citizen science and will be held in English.

In this seminar we will look at citizen science from an ethical perspective. What are the most important ethical challenges? Can citizen science methods make research less reliable? Can citizen science make research more ethically justifiable?

The seminar will begin by a presentation by Per Sandin, where he introduces citizen science and varieties thereof in relation to good research practice, and how traditional views in research ethics may be challenged by citizen science methods. This will be followed by comments and examples from researchers who have used citizen science in their own work in different disciplines. Finally, there will be time for questions and discussion where all participants are welcome to take part.

Per Sandin is senior lecturer in bioethics and environmental ethics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His research interests include a broad range of topics in moral philosophy and applied ethics, for instance the ethics of crises and disasters. Currently, he leads a research project on citizen science and research ethics.

Places to the seminar are limited.

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The seminar is organised by the Ethics support function at the Office for Research, Engagement and Innovations Services (REIS) at Stockholm University.

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