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News related to the corona virus

  • It is not yet possible to compare the development of Covid-19 in different countries 2020-05-26 This is explained by Statistics Professor Dan Hedlin in an interview with Radio Sweden, commenting on "Sweden topped COVID-19 deaths per capita" headlines in different media.
  • The art of working at home 2020-05-13 Working from home can be useful for being able to focus on certain tasks, however one runs the risk that work and non-work activities will merge together.
  • Corona: MMK donates protective visors for Swedish hospitals 2020-05-05 3D printing process of protective visors The 3D printing process of protective visors was conducted in Prof. Aji Mathew’s and Prof. Jiayin Yuan’s group.
  • New mapping shows which cells SARS-CoV-2 can infect 2020-04-30 Scientists have identified which cells in the body that the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can infect. The results could lead to better treatment of the virus.
  • The experts’ best book tips for corona times 2020-04-30 Are you tired of the world being limited? It doesn't have to be. Four literature experts from Stockholm University give their best book tips for the time of corona.
  • Spritblandning i samhällets tjänst Stockholm University chemists in drive to meet hospital sanitiser shortage 2020-04-23 Just over 8,300 litres of newly produced hand sanitiser, plastic gloves, face masks and other disposable items in high demand have been assembled by chemists at Stockholm University to be delivered to hospitals to help meet current urgent healthcare needs in the current COVID-19 crisis.
  • Children's fears in the time of Covid-19 2020-04-23 At the present time many children see the future as frightening and very uncertain. Helena Hörnfeldt, Associate Professor of Ethnology, has recently completed a research project about children’s fears.
  • Anna-Lena Spetz Foto: Ludwig Holmgren On the hunt for a Covid-19 treatment 2020-04-22 Immunologist Anna-Lena Spetz is leading the "Fight–nCoV" project at Stockholm University. Her team has been granted 2.8 million euros from the EU to develop an antiviral treatment for Covid-19.
  • Jonas Olofsson, Psykologiska institutionen, i luktlabbet vid ett tidigare forskningsprojekt. New study looks at connection between sense of smell and COVID-19 2020-04-22 Research reports and anecdotes show that people with COVID -19 can experience a reduced sense of smell and taste. Researchers at Stockholm University will join a large international team investigating the connection.
  • Mikael Rostila, Photo: N Björling/Stockholm University Is Sweden taking a huge risk? 2020-04-03 The Swedish less strict approach to the COVID-19 pandemic creates strong reactions around the world. Mikael Rostila, Head of the Department of Public Health Sciences, assesses the situation and refers to some interpretations on why the Swedish approach may be efficient – at least in Sweden.
  • Petra Petersen disputerar via Zoom Foto: Niklas Hill Stockholm University is switching to online thesis defences 2020-03-30 When Sweden's universities are switching to digital teaching, dissertations are also managed via link. One of the first out at Stockholm University was Petra Petersen.
  • Fredrik Liljeros Foto: Paul Fuehrer Knowledge about networks important for battling epidemics 2020-03-30 In order to understand how serious illnesses spread and how we can fight them, we need to understand people’s network of contacts and how those contacts affect transmission dynamics.
  •  Transparency sheets collected for production of visors. University bands together to help out health care 2020-03-26 Stockholm University was early in meeting the demands of the healthcare sector during the corona outbreak. Demand for protective materials is still high and departments are inventorying their supplies. SU-butiken has, for example, sent boxes of overhead transparencies to Stockholm-area hospitals.
  • Tom Britton Foto: Niklas Björling Mathematical models predict the spread of pandemics 2020-03-13 Using mathematical models, Tom Britton, professor of mathematics, can calculate how fast the coronavirus is likely to spread.
  • MBW labb Foto: Niklas Björling EU grant to Stockholm University for Coronavirus Research 2020-03-12 Stockholm University has been granted research funding from the EU to develop antiviral treatment for the new coronavirus. The project is led by Anna-Lena Spetz, professor of immunology.