‐ The Institute for Futures Studies offers a unique opportunity to bring together researchers from different disciplines to produce interdisciplinary research on important social issues and future challenges, says Gustaf Arrhenius. I very much look forward to build up these research teams and the Institute's role as an important voice in the public debate.

Gustaf Arrhenius' research interests are primarily in moral and political philosophy, and he is especially interested in issues at the intersection of philosophy and the medical and social sciences. He plans to develop several interdisciplinary research programs at the institute, including programmes focused on climate change and our obligation to future generations; democracy for the 21st century; new technologies and the future of humanity; and race and gender bias.

Gustaf Arrhenius, Professor of Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University, is currently directing the Franco‐Swedish Programme in Philosophy and Economics at Collège d’études mondiales and SCAS. He is a member of the Young Academy of Sweden and Academia Europaea. He was recently H.L.A Hart Fellow at University College, University of Oxford and elected honorary professor at Aarhus University, Department of Political Science and Government.