At least three weeks before the defence, the department is responsible for ensuring the following distribution of the doctoral thesis:

  • the department arranges distribution of the thesis to any department at a Swedish college/university in whose area the subject of the thesis falls;
  • the doctoral candidate arranges distribution of the thesis to his or her main supervisor and other supervisors; and
  • the department arranges distribution of the thesis to the opponent and members of the examining board.

The copies to be delivered to Student Services are distributed through the agency of the officer responsible in the administration department.

Inserted title page

All of these copies must contain a title sheet with information about the time and venue of the public defence. The title pages of all theses (whether issued by the university or a publisher) must be the title pages that are created as a PDF during electronic registration in DiVA. It is therefore recommended that the author register the bibliographic information about the thesis in DiVA as early as possible before the manuscript is due to be sent for printing.