The foundation has SEK 600,000 at its disposition for grants aimed primarily at younger researchers, who have been admitted to postgraduate studies or who are PhD researchers at Stockholm University. First and foremost the grant should be used for travel that furthers a personal scientific exchange and is beneficial to Swedish research. In some exceptional cases grants can be awarded to international guest researchers. An individual who has already been awarded the grant cannot expect further support the next-coming years.

Grant period

1 November - 31 October the following year

Travels must occur within the grant period.


Next possibility to apply will be in August 2018.

Decision notification

All applicants will receive a notification by email at the end of October.

Travel report

A brief report must be submitted within one month of returning from the trip. Further details are sent together with the decision notification.

Change of destination

A change of destination must be approved in advance by the supervisor and by the administrative officer at Student Services. Please note that a change of destination may result in a reduction of the value of the grant. The grant can only be used during the appropriate time frame. To request a change of destination, please email