Children, Darren Baker
Children, Darren Baker

Children’s Rights and Conditions crosses over disciplinary boundaries to address a broad issue: how to understand the inner lives of children and support them in a way that protects them, their rights and their autonomy.  The research takes many forms and is an incredibly diverse profile area, including researchers from 3 of the 4 faculties: humanities, law, and social sciences.

Learning from children's literature

Professor of Literature Boel Westin’s research focuses on books written for children and young adults from a broad historical perspective, as one part of the mission of the Centre for the Studies of Children’s Culture.



Books of young people are literature, of course, but they also provide an insight into society’s underlying, often tacit, moral codes.As Prof Westin points out, literature designed for children can be interpreted very differently by adults. In the same way, institutions designed for adults do not necessarily serve the needs of children.

At-risk children in the legal system



Dr Pernilla Leviner, Associate Professor in Public Law and Researcher at the Stockholm Centre of the Rights of the Child, studies children’s rights and the societal responsibility toward children. Her work focuses on ways to respect the rights of children at risk and develop institutions that protect their interests.

Increasing the visibility of vulnerable children



Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Child and Youth Studies, Ann-Christin Cederborg investigates how the most vulnerable children can be supported by society at large. This includes trafficked children, unaccompanied asylum seekers, child offenders, and children with intellectual disabilities who have been witnesses or victims of crime.

Stress in schools



Viveca Östberg, Professor of Sociology at CHESS, the Centre for Health Equity Studies, researches schools as both a working environment and social arena for children and adolescents. She is particularly interested in how levels of stress, demands and self-determination affect educational outcomes.

While all of us have first-hand experience of being a child, truly understanding children’s worlds requires brave leaps of empathy and analysis. As is often said, the past is another country. Research within Children’s Rights and Conditions takes many forms in order to elucidate the experiences of children and create a better world for future generations.