The Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre has issued several publications and reports, and organises 3-5 half-day conferences a year. In addition to researchers, the conferences are attended by representatives from various government agencies, international organisations, law firms and environmental organisations, as well as politicians and regular individuals.

Last year, the Centre organised a dialogue meeting together with the Ministry of the Environment ahead of the COP21 climate conference in Paris. It was attended by leading climate negotiators and legal counsels from more than ten active parties in the climate convention, representatives of groups of countries involved in the climate negotiations, members of the UN’s climate secretariat, and leading scholars in the field of international climate law. The aim of the dialogue meeting was to bring legal advisers, negotiators and experts together to enhance the discussion on the legal dimension of various issues. In this way, the meeting was able to help create common ground and understanding regarding key legal issues.

The Environmental Law and Policy Centre often collaborates with researchers from other disciplines, such as chemists, marine biologists, physical geographers and economists, which has been an important intention from the beginning. The Centre has also collaborated with other centres and organisations in Sweden and abroad, including the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Baltic Sea Centre.