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President Astrid Söderbergh Widding. Photo Anna Karin Landin

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterized by its independent basic research.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding
President of Stockholm University

Featured Articles

  • Jonas Hentati-Sundberg Guillemots of the Baltic: Linking the seabed and the sky 2020-09-23 On the island of Stora Karlsö up to 100 000 seabirds nest. In a new study a group of curious young researchers from three different universities show how guillemots fuel northern Europe's largest colony of house martins.
  • Spatial heterogeneity in soils contributes to soil organic carbon persistence. Photo: Stefano Manzoni New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change 2020-07-29 To remove carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to slow climate change, scientists must get their hands dirty and peek underground.
  • 3D-3D topotactic transformations can be triggered by deep dehydration, providing a novel approach for generation of new zeolite structures. New structural transformation phenomenon can break the way in searching for novel materials 2020-07-28 All over the world science is looking for new materials to tackle environmental problems. Scientists have now found a new way of generating novel zeolites, which are widely used for producing basic chemicals and recently drawn interests in CO2 capture. The route is based on the discovery of a structural transformation phenomenon introduced by deep dehydration – allowing brand new materials to be obtained from existing ones.