The researchers receiving grants at Stockholm University are:

Hiranya Peiris, professor at the Department of Physics for “Detection of dark matter axions in the sky and in the lab”, SEK 18 million;

Erik Lindahl, professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics for “The stabilisation and modulation of membrane proteins by lipids”, SEK 16.6 million;

Anja-Verena Mudring, professor at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry for “Understanding the fundamentals of light emitting electrochemical cells”, SEK 18 million;

Neus Visa, professor at the Department of Molecular Bioscience, Wenner-Gren Institute (MBW) for “The roles of SnoRNA in chromatin organisation, gene expression and DNA repair”, SEK 17.5 million.

The purpose of the six-year grant is to support innovative cross-disciplinary collaborations in natural science and technology, and with more participants than in a regular project. The goal of the research is to be made possible through synergy between the participating researchers.