The two professors at Stockholm University who will receive the Swedish Research Council’s distinguished professor grant in 2019 are:

Anders Götherström at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies: “Prehistoric microbes and humans”, SEK 50 million.
Read about the Centre for Palaeogenetics where Anders Götherström is working.


Photo: Yi Luo

Xiaodong Zou at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry: “Determination of atomic structures, charging states and molecular interactions in macromolecules using MicroED”, SEK 48.8 million.

Eight grants have been allocated nationwide this year. The maximum grant is SEK 50 million over 10 years.

The aim of the distinguished professors programme is to create long-term conditions for the most prominent researchers to conduct pioneering research with a great potential for scientific discoveries. The grant also enables the establishment and construction of a larger research environment around a leading researcher.