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  • Diet is the main source of halogenated flame retardants 2018-06-15 Dietary intake is the main route of exposure to halogenated flame retardants. That is one result from a research project that Joo Hui Tay at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES), presents in a recently defended doctoral thesis.
  • A new approach can shorten the time to assess cancer risk for chemicals 2018-06-14 Chemicals in refined cooking oils like palm oil can cause cancer. In a new doctoral thesis Jenny Aasa has studied two such chemicals, and by using a new approach she hopes to improve and shorten the time for more reliable cancer risk assessments.
  • Plastic degrading in the oceans release chemicals into the water 2018-06-12 Plastic debris accumulates in the environment and can cause physical harm to marine species. The degradation releases chemical compounds to the water and the compounds are dependent on the plastic polymer and the weathering condition of the plastic, shows a new doctoral thesis.
  • EU funding for tool to help job seekers 2018-06-08 The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University has been granted EU funding to develop a system, SkillsMatch, that will help job seekers. The goal is to develop an EU-wide system where users get help adapting to the conditions of the labor market, focusing on non-cognitive abilities.
  • In the past three decades interest has surged towards one of the smallest units possible to claim: DNA. A new study reveals that a single company has registered half of all existing patents associated with genes from marine species. Actors such as universities, government bodies, individuals, and hospitals located in only 10 countries accounted for 98% of the patents. Photo: J. Berg/Azote. Racing to claim the biodiversity of the seas 2018-06-07 Who owns ocean biodiversity? New study reveals how a single company has registered half of all existing patents associated with genes from marine species.
  • Video: Expedition Arctic Ocean 2018 2018-06-01 The preparations for the expedition to the Arctic are in full progress. Watch and listen to the researchers packing and testing their equipment, and hear what they hope to achieve.
  • Mission: To manage the cocktail effect 2018-05-25 What happens when we are exposed to many chemicals in a complex mix? As the Swedish government’s special investigator, Christina Rudén, Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Analytical Chemistry (ACES), will propose strategies for taking into account the cocktail effect in the chemicals legislation.
  • Sweden cancels agreement with Elsevier 2018-05-18 The Swedish research institutes has cancelled the agreement with large publisher Elsevier due to inability to find an agreement on a sustainable price model at the transition to open science.
  • Atmospheric research at the top 2018-05-18 A team of atmospheric scientists from the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) is currently taking part in air measurements at the highest atmospheric research station in the world.
  • New dissertation: The World Bank and the IMF undermines labour rights 2018-05-17 The instrumentalist approach of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund tend to undermine the international labour standards on freedom of association and collective bargaining in the recipient states.
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