Johan Kuylenstierna Sweden’s top environmental influencer
Johan Kuylenstierna Sweden’s top environmental influencer. Photo: SEI.
Each year, a jury chosen by the magazine Miljöaktuellt names individuals considered to be influential in the sphere of environmental issues in Sweden. A big change to the list this year is that Professor Johan Rockström, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) at Stockholm University, is now in second place, having been top of the list for the past two years. First place goes to another professor at Stockholm University, Johan Kuylenstierna, Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology. The jury praised Johan Kuylenstierna for his emphasis on "how environmental issues are related to poverty reduction, economic development and fair trade."
Several Stockholm University scientists on list
Other researchers associated with Stockholm University are also on the top 100 list, including, in 13th place Carl Folke, Professor of Natural Resource Management and Scientific Director of the SRC, and filmmaker and wildlife photographer Mattias Klum, also associated with the SRC, placed in 24th position.
Increased cooperation between Stockholm University and SEI
Johan Kuylenstierna and Stockholm University Vice-Chancellor Astrid Soderbergh Widding recently signed an agreement to enhance cooperation between the SEI and Stockholm University. The agreement means that the Vice-Chancellor takes a seat on SEI's Board of Directors and the Institute's researchers can be affiliated with the University.
The jury
The list of Sweden's 100 most influential environmental individuals is produced by a jury consisting of individuals chosen by the editorial board of the magazine Miljöaktuellt for their knowledge of environmental issues and public debate.
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