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  • En neutrino som interagerar med en molekyl av is. Bild: Nicolle R. Fuller/NSF/IceCube. Neutrinos in the ice indicate source of cosmic rays 2018-07-12 An international research team have identified a likely source for the high energy cosmic rays reaching Earth. The discovery was made with the aid of the IceCube Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole.
  • Artist’s impression of jets of material from first confirmed neutron star merger. Image: Mark Garlick/University of Warwick Beam of light from first confirmed neutron star merger emerge from behind the sun 2018-07-03 An international research team led by astronomers at the University of Warwick and including Stockholm astronomy professor Stephan Rosswog had to wait over 100 days for the sight of the first of confirmed neutron star merger to re-emerge from behind the glare of the sun.
  • Healthy food for a sustainable planet 2018-07-02 The plate of the future has more vegetables and nuts than today, as well as less meat. At least if we are to believe Line Gordon. She wants us all to eat more healthily and sustainably, but without lectures and unilateral solutions.
  • Full speed ahead for the Institute of Latin American Studies 2018-07-02 Interest in the multifaceted and dynamic Latin American continent is increasing in both Europe and the USA, but most of all in China. “We have the wind in our sails,” says Andres Rivarola, associate professor and director of the Institute of Latin American Studies.
  • Children of immigrants have smaller families than their parents 2018-07-02 The children of immigrants typically have smaller families than their parents’ generation, even when their parents’ generation had larger families than the UK norm. This is the result of a new study from Stockholm University published in International Migration Review.
  • How to get articles from Elsevier after June 30th 2018-06-29 The agreement for journals with publisher Elsevier has been cancelled as of June 30th. Here, researchers and students at Stockholm University get tips on how to get articles from Elsevier from now on.
  • More support for researchers at Stockholm University to get published in full Open Access 2018-06-29 The money that Stockholm University saves at the cancelled agreement with large science publisher Elsevier will be used to publish research in full Open Access journals.
  • Astrid Söderbergh Widding och Joakim Malmström skriver under överenskommelsen om Centrum för paleogenetik. Foto: Karin Tjulin. New Centre for Palaeogenetics 2018-06-25 A new agreement brings the research in palaeogenetics of Stockholm University and of the Swedish Museum of Natural History together in the new Centre for Palaeogenetics.
  • Diet is the main source of halogenated flame retardants 2018-06-15 Dietary intake is the main route of exposure to halogenated flame retardants. That is one result from a research project that Joo Hui Tay at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES), presents in a recently defended doctoral thesis.
  • A new approach can shorten the time to assess cancer risk for chemicals 2018-06-14 Chemicals in refined cooking oils like palm oil can cause cancer. In a new doctoral thesis Jenny Aasa has studied two such chemicals, and by using a new approach she hopes to improve and shorten the time for more reliable cancer risk assessments.
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