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Research project The child's journey through social child care

Two thousand children and youth in eight municipalities will be subject to a prospective, longitudinal study of their trajectory through the child welfare system for six years. The study is conducted by an interdisciplinary research team with academic competence in social work, sociology, law and criminology, collaborating with FoU-Nordväst.

Project description

The 2,000 child welfare cases consist of every child welfare investigation initiated in 8 municipalities in Stockholm. The baseline is set at point of investigation with follow-ups one and five years after termination of investigation. The study will also include data from social-, health- and criminal registers. Data enables analyses of the extent children are referred to different services (in-home and out-of-home care) and the extent children are re-referred to additional investigations and services during the time span. Data also enables analyses of determinants of different outcomes in child welfare. In addition, a sub-sample of 100 children will be monitored closely by observations and interviews. Instruments used in the longitudinal study will be adapted to real-world usage by child welfare workers and managers to be used in local follow-ups and service evaluation. The adaptation process will include child welfare professionals and end-users in several interactive formats. These interactive formats will also serve as opportunities to discuss interpretation of findings and disseminate results to professionals.

Project members

Project managers

Stefan Viklund

Professor, Prefekt

Department of Social Work
Stefan Wiklund. Foto: Eva Dalin


Marie Sallnäs


Department of Social Work
Marie Sallnäs. Foto: Vilhelm Stokstad

David Pålsson


Department of Social Work
David Pålsson Foto: Rickard Kilström

Tommy Lundström

Professor i socialt arbete

Department of Social Work
Tommy Lundström. Foto: Eva Dalin

Lars Brännström


Department of Social Work

Alexander Björk


Department of Social Work
Alexander Björk. Foto: Niklas Björling

Åsa Backlund


Department of Social Work
Åsa Backlund. Foto: Rickard Kihlström

Maria Andersson Vogel


Department of Criminology
Maria Andersson Vogel. Foto: Vilhelm Stokstad