• Archaeology that elicits stories from coin treasures 2013-11-05 Many people find old coins fascinating. To Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, they are also a window to our ancestors’ ways of socialising and thinking. The coins can reveal political and cultural processes, human traditions, or the fate of certain families.
  • Fanny Forsberg Lundell, Associate Professor 2014-12-10 Fanny Forsberg Lundell is an expert in languages. Her interest in the theory of languages, in particular the acquisition of a second language, set the path for her academic achievements. Today she is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University.
  • Magnus Bygren, Associate Professor 2014-12-10 With over 20 years in academia, including spells at Harvard and Oxford, Magnus Bygren has a pretty good understanding of why the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University is so popular among foreign Master’s students.
  • Marko Filipovic, PhD student 2014-12-10 If you want to help reduce the number of environmental problems, then carrying out research at a world leading institute is a good place to start. This is what drove Marko Filipovic to do a Bachelor, a Master and now a PhD on Persistent Organic Pollution in Water at the Department of Applied Environmental Sciences, at Stockholm University.