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Research at Stockholm University has high impact

The University's researchers are active in debate and social development and are among the most cited in the Nordic countries according to research organisation Nordforsk. The University's  researchers engage in government investigations, participate in the media, leave comments on draft laws and are included in participate in several Nobel committees and international expert bodies.

Research news

  • A small rabbitfish caught using mosquito nets. Photo: Benjamin L Jones. Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects? 2019-11-11 Mosquito nets designed to prevent malaria transmission are used for fishing which may devastate tropical coastal ecosystems, according to a new scientific study.
  • En allt större del av planeten används nu för att producera mat, material och bränsle. Det skapa nya globala risker, skriver forskare från SRC i Nature. Foto: N. Ryrholm/Azote An altered planetary anatomy 2019-11-07 Humans have transformed much of the planet to produce more and more food, fibre and fuel, now we need to radically transform this global production ecosystem.
  • Christina Rudén, professor of toxicology at Stockholm University, has investigated how humans are exposed to complex mixtures of chemicals. Photo: Jens Lasthein More stringent regulations on chemical mixtures 2019-11-08 Throughout life, humans are exposed to complex mixtures of chemicals of varying degrees of harmfulness. How does that affect us? Whose responsibility is this? Christina Rudén, professor of toxicology, was appointed by the government to investigate this matter.