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Excellent research with high impact

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterised by independent basic research and strong applied research in human science and science. International collaboration is fundamental and an integral part of excellence. Our research leads to discoveries and scientific breakthroughs recognized worldwide, and our researchers are part of Nobel committees and international expert bodies.

Research news

  • Research at SUBIC about how we talk to each other 2020-06-01 The newly opened Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre in the Arrhenius Laboratory at the University’s Frescati campus has advanced equipment performing for brain imaging for research related to how the brain works. Julia Uddén at the Department of Psychology and Mattias Heldner at the Department of Linguistics are two of the research scientists who have used the equipment.
  • New NiMH batteries perform better when made from recycled old NiMH batteries 2020-06-01 A new method for recycling old batteries can provide better performing and cheaper rechargeable hydride batteries (NiMH) as shown in a new study by researchers at Stockholm University.
  • New centre for international relations 2020-05-29 The Network for the History of International Relations has been re-established as the Hans Blix Centre for the History of International Relations.

Coming dissertations

Dissertations hanging on a wall. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

News related to the corona virus

News related to the corona virus. Image of the coronavirus. Mostphotos