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Radiation Biology

  • 15 credits

The course focuses on how humans are influenced by ionising radiation and other radiation in their surroundings, such as that from mobile telephones.

Repair mechanisms at the cellular level are described, and how the repair of damage can be coupled to the occurrence of cancer and other age-related diseases. Dosage concepts, measurement methods and risk assessment are all described, as is the medical use of radiation. The course includes a major laboratory exercise.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The education consists of lectures, laboratory exercises, group discussions, study visits, project work and seminars. Participation in laboratory exercises, group discussions, project work, seminars and group education associated with this is compulsory.

    Learning outcomes

    It is expected that the student after taking the course will be able to 1) explain the effects of ionizing radiation on cells and the consequences both at the cell and organismlevel, 2) describe the different levels of protection against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, 3) describe the different forms of application in medicine and biology, and 4) explain the principles of risk evaluation and protection for human and environment.



    Measurement of knowledge takes place through written and/or oral examination.


    Andrzej Wojcik


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