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Interactions in Ecological Communities

  • 15 credits

The course provides knowledge about interactions in ecological communities.

It covers several types of interactions, including plant-animal, plant-fungi/microbe and predator-prey. The students are trained in addressing and studying ecological and evolutionary problems associated with interactions. The course includes a project work that allow in-depth study of a topic within the field.

  • Course structure


    The course includes the following elements: Theory 7,5 hp. and Project 7,5 hp.

    Teaching format

    The education consists of lectures, seminars and exercises. Participation in seminars, exercices and group education associated with this is compulsory. An examiner may rule that a student is not obliged to participate in certain compulsory education if there are special grounds for this after consultation with the relevant teacher.


    Examination is carried out by a written examination for Theory 7.5 hp and by oral presentations of Project 7.5 hp.


    Johan Ehrlén


    Tel: +46 8 16 1202

  • Schedule

    This is a preliminary schedule and is subject to continuous change. For this reason, we do not recommend print-outs. At the start of the course, your institution will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
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