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Marine microbial ecology: from genomes to biomes

  • 15 credits

Ever wondered why the ocean is blue? How life evolved? How elements cycle in the sea? Or why the ocean buffers our human activities? In this course you will tackle these questions and more. Gain insight in the most recent findings of the field as well as “hands on” experience with training in classic and modern approaches.


The course deals with microbial diversity and the role of microbes in the aquatic environment - the environments included during the course are aquatic, benthic (sediment) and microbiome. The microbial populations discussed during the course are representatives from the three domains Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya.

During the course, the participants will study the diverse nature of the microbial populations and gain an understanding of the morphological, genetic and metabolic diversity of these. The methods used during the course to study microbial ecology are both classical and modern molecular-based methods. These methods are presented during the course in the form of laboratory exercises and example studies. During the practical part of the course, the limitations, prerequisites and necessary controls are also emphasized.

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