Traineeship in Biology, 7.5 credits

During this advanced course you work as a trainee at a workplace outside of Stockholm University, where you use biological knowledge and skills that you have acquired during your education.

The principal aim of the traineeship is that you obtain both experience in general of working life, and experience in particular of a workplace in which biological knowledge can be used. You will also be given the opportunity to apply your knowledge of biology in practice. The workplace and the supervisor must be approved before the traineeship begins, a plan for the practical work must be drawn up, and you will be required to participate in a special introduction. The course is given during both the autumn and the spring terms.

Course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.

Course structure

The traineeship in biology is conducted at a workplace outside of Stockholm Univerity, and supervised by an employee at that workplace. (Traineeships at Stockholm University are done in the course Research Traineeship.) You can take both courses (7.5 and 15 credits) but you have to be at different workplaces, and you can only count a total of 15 credits toward your degree (including Research traineeships).

Before you start

To be registered on the course you must first:

  • be admitted (placed as reserve)
  • had your workplace and supervisor approved by the examiner
  • attended an introductory meeting
  • had your work plan approved

Teaching format

What your work assignments are during the traineeship should be clear in your work plan. If this changes during the traineeship this must be approved by the course coordinator.

Each day you will summarise and reflect on your day in your traineeship journal. At the end of the first week you submit the journal to the course coordinator for feedback.


You present your traineeship in writing (the journal) and orally at a seminar. About three seminars are held each semester and teachers and students are invited to listen.

The course is assessed by a committee which consists of the examiner, study councellor as well as director of studies. The course is graded as either pass or fail.


Cecilia Kullberg
Phone: +46 8 16 4713
Room: D550b or Tovetorp


There is no schedule for Traineeship in Biology. You will make an agreement with your supervisor about your workhours and what weeks you should work, these are then specified in the work plan which must be approved by the examiner.

Traineeship in biology 7,5 credits should be equivalent to 4,5 full time work weeks.


Student office
For more contact details and information se student office.

Study Counsellor

Lisa Weingartner,
For more contact details and information se student counselling.

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